Website Basics

Weebly can be a quick and easy way to launch your first website

Weebly is offered by many popular hosting services as a free addon with automatic installation. A Weebly site can also be created and hosted free at

It’s very simple to create a free 6 page basic website with text and images plus a navigation bar – without needing to know anything about HTML or uploading files to the server via FTP.

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) directly on your pages including images which you can insert ‘on the fly’ from your computer or other sources. (this site) was created originally with Weebly which is also ideal for a sales or ‘squeeze’ page and other simple projects. FPD as you see it now was changed recently to a WordPress installation on the same server. For the novice website builder, WordPress has a somewhat steeper learning curve than Weebly and may seem too complicated for someone who wants to create and publish a simple site quickly without having to learn how WordPress works and all the features it has. Weebly is certainly worth consideration for beginners to website building.

Weebly Basic is a good starting point, but if you decide you need more features and control – or any more than six pages – you will have to upgrade to Weebly Premium/Pro with a monthly subscription of $9. This may not seem excessive, but if you are happy to pay that sort of money, there are better ways to go which are better value for money. Having said that, you will need to learn more about website building and/or online marketing.

One of the disadvantages of a typical automated online web page builder (there are others besides Weebly) is a bit like being an inexperienced carpenter with a workshop full of new tools and pieces of timber. He (are there ‘carpentresses’ now?) has to know what he wants to make, design it, then cut the pieces to the required size and screw and glue it all together before he has a finished product to either use or sell. Here, the potential website owner has most of the necessary tools but is presented with a blank screen that needs a layout and content, both text and images. A basic layout is unlikely to attract visitors unless there is something to promote or sell – that is if the intention is to generate income from the site.

With Weebly, the potential is there and the costs for the first year are zero using their hosting with a sub-directory name rather than your own registered one. With the Weebly Premium upgrade, add up to $108 per year. This comes to around $160. For the second and further years, hosting and domain renewal may increase to around $100, plus the Weebly subscription if applicable.

Surely there are better and possibly more economical ways to launch one or more complete websites that are also ready-made businesses with products to sell that can immediately start earning money to quickly recoup initialand standing costs?

Yes, and there’s one we can thoroughly recommend: More Than Templates


Starting at the same point (a registered domain name and a shared server account costing from $50 per year, for a small single payment you could have fully operating multiple page websites filled with content that you can modify to suit your own purposes, already with commission-paying products to promote. This can be expanded to as many pages and topics (with drop down menus) as you like. Keep the existing content or completely modify it. It’s extremely quick to install and use.

Furthermore, if your server account allows you to have multiple add-on domains (at around $10 each per year) you can create more websites as and when you want to.

You may still want to use Weebly or WordPress for these or replicate the recommended money-making content site; even promote the concept to others.

Admittedly, there is a little more knowledge required to optimizing the money-making site, full, detailed instructions are included and personal support provided for those still learning about HTML, CSS and FTP file transfer. There is no doubt that this knowledge is worth acquiring little by little, and it’s far less demanding than some might think – even for those of us from older generations or non-technical backgrounds!

Basically, if you can save and copy files in Windows folders, type into a program like MS Word (the free Kompozer is an HTML/CSS editor) or even Notepad and use a free FTP (file transfer protocol) utility like FileZilla to upload files to your server, you’ll become a ‘webmaster’ in no time at all, as that’s pretty much all you have to do. Most of us learn by changing things to see what happens, and there’s nothing wrong with that – as long as you work with copies of the original files and rename them only when you get the result you want!

First year cost is comparable: $10 or free domain, $50 hosting plus $97 for the complete website, total around $150. However further years with the same package will cost only about $100. Benefit from fantastic savings on binary options small minimum deposit , just by taking a look at

All you really need for a successful business is a website on a relevant domain name and reliable hosting. The title can be anything you choose, like the example created here with drop down menus at http://Wealth.Using-The.Net seen below.


Several other templates are included with the program package which is also available on that site. Look for ‘More Than Templates‘.

While Weebly may claim to be one of the easiest ways to create a simple website and will suit some potential website operators, it can’t really be compared to a complete and already ‘monetized’ website, with absolute ease of expansion and replication for those who want to run multiple sites – with a minimal amount of design and coding skills.

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